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Moonlight Lover Book 1

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Moonlight Lover is the new Romance Series by Bella Amor.

Book 1 in the series explores the world of Trust Fund Babies searching for love in the moonlight of Palm Beach.

Book 2 is now available for PRE ORDER at 1 eBooks

The beautiful Bella is the grand-daughter of Sophia the former Super Model and Actress who married one of the wealthiest men in the world. Bella is what is referred to in Palm Beach as a trust fund baby. Bella is now 29 and living in the Palm Beach area in a lovely oceanfront home. Bella is the central figure in Book I.

Bella while only 29 has a beautiful 13 year old daughter Angelina who is an up and coming golf prodigy. Bella’s first husband, her teen love played shortly on the PGA Tour before he was injured.

Now almost 30 Bella had never really found a man to fulfill her womanly desires, that is until she met Sol her first and only MOONLIGHT LOVER…

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